Visual & Message Design

Effective communication is a true art form. Curiositi Design Solutions has the skill and experience required to design an effective visual environment and to craft a targeted message that will engage your customers, clients, or members.


Visual design of mass communication products involves both creativity and practicality. Creativity is required to gain attention and evoke a positive response from your target audience. Practicality is important to ensure there are cost-effective means to produce and distribute the end result.


Message design is the careful process of presenting just the right information to just the right set of people. Market segmentation, audience analysis, and copy writing are all elements of effective message design. The tone, delivery media, content, and length are all critical factors in the design of effective communication.


Curiositi Design Solutions uses the principles of visual communication and the best practices of message design to create unique products that are targeted at your core audience of customers, clients, or members.

Web Development

Curiositi Design Solutions has over a 12 years experience in professional web page design, computer programming, relational database development, and systems administration. We take pride in creating complete web-based communication solutions that meet and exceed the goals and objectives of our clients.


Within the field of web development, we specialize in the creation of highly-interactive and content-rich websites. Going beyond simple web publishing, our websites facilitate two-way communication and process streamlining. If you are looking for social networking, community building, electronic commerce, or mass distribution of information, you can be assured that Curiositi Design Solutions has the experience to meet your web development goals.


Our websites are built upon a content management system (CMS) framework. This makes each website a fully-functioning web application. The website owners and operators are able to perform all content updates and routine maintenance through simple online forms. (No more waiting for a single 'webmaster' to perform the updates that you requested weeks ago!) Your website will be truly dynamic and you will be in control.


Contact Curiositi Design Solutions today to learn more about our proven web development process.

Support Services

Interactive communication products are only effective when they remain online and error free. Curiositi Design Solutions is fully equipped to provide support to the the creative communication products we develop. Some of the services we offer include website hosting, domain name registration, management of domain name DNS records, management of online databases, e-mail hosting, online advertising campaigns, and management of affiliate relationships between your website and other web services.


In addition, Curiositi Design Solutions is always here to support your need for website enhancements. As the use of your website increases, you can look to us for assistance in designing, developing, and deploying additional services (interactive surveys, discussion forums, photo galleries, audio, video, and more).


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Ken Bailey Music

2007-ongoing - Product Promotion/Electronic Commerce

Ken Bailey Music website

SonQuest and Quest365 (Christian Youth Event)

2005-ongoing - Event Website

SonQuest website

Visit the SonQuest website.

2005-ongoing - Online Community

Quest365 website

Visit the Quest365 website.

BrainShare Online Documentation

2006-2007 - Collaborative Documentation

Brainshare website

Highlands Church of Christ

Original Version: 2002-ongoing

Highlands existing website

Update Target Release: 2008

Highlands updated website

Visit the Highlands website.

TrueJoy Personal Hompage

Original Version: 1999-2004

Current Version: 2004-ongoing

TrueJoy website

Visit the TrueJoy website.

FIIRST Intranet


FIIRST intranet

Gainesville Central Station


Gainesville Central Station website


Forrest A. Doddington


A skilled, multidisciplinary communicator with experience in website and web application design, implementation and support is seeking opportunities to participate in development projects that allow for further exposure to the theories, technologies and best practices for producing effective "new media" communication solutions.


The integration of communication and computer technology has been my focus long before the term "new media" was created. With ten years of practical experience through both professional and volunteer efforts, I have gained many skills relevant to success in interactive media design and implementation. I also bring a strong track-record of success through effective team participation and leadership. Academic success. Leadership. Experience. Desire to learn and achieve. High personal standards. Long-term goal of teaching at a university level. Training and teaching experience.

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